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Sewer Cleaning & Replacement | Home Alliance

Sewer Cleaning & Replacement

Sewer line cleaning cleans and scours the inside of your sewer line for a longer-lasting cleaning than traditional rooters.

Cleanouts Installations & Replacement | Home Alliance

Cleanouts Installations & Replacement

When you suspect a main line sewer stoppage or sewer drain clog, the easiest place to verify this, and an easy point of access to help clear the clog, is through a sewer clean out pipe. Our expert technicians can help you!

Camera Inspection | Home Alliance

Camera Inspection

Specially made waterproof cameras allow for a visual inspection of sewer lines and other pipes that are underground, in cement and under your home’s foundation.

Filtration Systems Installation & Replacement | Home Alliance

Filtration Systems Installation & Replacement

Home Alliance qualified plumbers can provide whole house water system filtration installation and replacement.

Water Heaters Repairs & Replacement | Home Alliance

Water Heaters Repairs & Replacement

If you ran out of hot water and the water heater tank has not leaked, there is a chance it might be repairable.

Water Leaks Detection & Repairs | Home Alliance

Water Leaks Detection & Repairs

Our highly skilled plumbers are trained to locate and then repair plumbing leaks in your home, no matter the cause. Water leak detection can often be difficult.

Gas Leaks Repairs | Home Alliance

Gas Leaks Repairs

A gas leak is one of the most dangerous plumbing issues your home can experience. A single gas leak has the potential to be incredibly dangerous if left unrepaired.

Repiping | Home Alliance


Pipe replacement may be necessary for a variety of reasons. If you need to replace the old pipes in your whole home, or switch out a small section, Mike Diamond Services will ensure the process is timely and efficient.

Bathroom Repairs & Remodelling | Home Alliance

Bathroom Repairs & Remodelling

Bathroom plumbing fixture experts will repair or upgrade your home plumbing system. We can help on any job, from simply replacing a faucet, to doing a complete bath and shower plumbing fixture makeover.

Toilet Repairs | Home Alliance

Toilet Repairs

Toilets not flushing as they should? Over time, toilets begin to have problems, but the most frustrating for many homeowners is when a toilet will not flush properly.

Water Pressure Adjustments | Home Alliance

Water Pressure Adjustments

Do you have low water pressure even though the pipes are new? Low water pressure in your home can be a frustrating problem to deal with because it can disrupt regular household activities that require the use of water.