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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelling | Home Alliance

Bathroom & Kitchen Remodelling

Bathroom & Kitchen remodeling including new kitchen installation, kitchen remodeling & renovation, bathroom remodeling & renovation - while saving your time and keeping the existing layout of your house intact.

Room Additions & Extensions | Home Alliance

Room Additions & Extensions

Home additions services to your home. Whether it is a single room or master bedroom, bathroom or master bathroom addition, living room expansion, garden or summer room extension. Schedule Free Consultation with Specialist.

Decking | Home Alliance


Improve your property, increase its overall value, increase your safety and derive more enjoyment from your home by making use of our decking service.

Exterior & Interior Painting | Home Alliance

Exterior & Interior Painting

Our talented painters have vast experience and technical know-how for completing exterior painting such as patio covers, fences, stucco, wood, etc. and also interior painting like doors, cabinets, ceilings, and walls.

Tile and Stone Installation | Home Alliance

Tile and Stone Installation

Let us assist you with our extensive knowledge and vast experience in offering top-quality tile and stone installation services; we only work with the highest quality ceramic tile as well as stone material.

Patio Enclosure | Home Alliance

Patio Enclosure

Our creative team can assist in designing wood patio covers, or the more durable metal and vinyl variants, to match your home architectural style, producing anesthetic, pleasant home environment.

New Gutters | Home Alliance

New Gutters

Home Alliance’s gutter installation service will perfectly join gutter pieces together to produce one whole unit. With our advanced technology that allows rainwater to flow freely and no debris, dirt, leaves, etc.

Custom Floors | Home Alliance

Custom Floors

Whether you need a carpet, vinyl, tile or hardwood design, our professional craftsmen are available to assist you with your dream floor. We offer esthetic work by experienced contractors.

Re-stucco & New Stucco | Home Alliance

Re-stucco & New Stucco

Stucco protects people from inclement weather conditions like extreme rainfall or heat. We can help with the repair of your damaged stucco and we also install new quality stucco.

Texture Coating | Home Alliance

Texture Coating

When you order our texture coating, rest assured that the coating we’ll offer to you is more durable than common paint, that using it gets rid of the need for regular repainting.

Blueprints, Plans & Design | Home Alliance

Blueprints, Plans & Design

Home Alliance has assisted numerous homeowners and developers to build at affordable rates using our huge collection of designs and plans. We have loads of ready-made plans for a house construction project.

Pavers | Home Alliance


Our residential hardscape and landscape construction services are top rated. Whether you need stamped concrete, decorative brick pavers, cultured stone or retaining walls.

Pool Enclosures | Home Alliance

Pool Enclosures

We can help you build a pool enclosure whether it’s the fixed or retractable type. With an automatic retractable pool enclosure, you can transform your outdoor pool into an indoor type and vice versa.

Custom Vinyl Windows | Home Alliance

Custom Vinyl Windows

You should consider upgrading your home using our amazing custom vinyl windows which are energy efficient. Window replacements will reduce your electric bills, provide your home with energy efficiency and long-lasting esthetic appearance.

Fences | Home Alliance


Different situations require different kinds of fencing — concrete wall, wood, vinyl and metal. The perfect solution for your home is concrete wall fencing and our highly skilled team can assist in building your fence.