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Air Conditioner Repair | Home Alliance

Air Conditioner Repair

When the heat of the summer starts blaring, you wouldn’t want your AC to start malfunctioning or break down. Does the AC unit makes distinct noises or starts vibrating in an unusual manner? Call now!
Clothes Dryer Repair | Home Alliance

Clothes Dryer Repair

If you need dryer repair, our certified technicians are available to assist you. We know full well that your time and money are precious to you; this is why we render fast, affordable and quality dryer repair service.
Cooktop Repair | Home Alliance

Cooktop Repair

Issues with cooktops occur when least expected. Our certified technicians can assess your cooktop needs and repair it accordingly in a professional, thorough and timely manner. We offer repair service for all types of cooktops.
Dishwasher Repair | Home Alliance

Dishwasher Repair

When a dishwasher gets faulty, it can be difficult keeping your kitchen from those dirty dishes; we are experienced and trusted dishwasher service providers; when you contact us for your dishwasher repair, we help you save time.
Freezer Repair | Home Alliance

Freezer Repair

We know how wasteful, frustrating and stressful it is when your freezer fails to work properly. Our experienced service technicians are ready to come to your aid; we offer amazing freezer repair services at affordable rates.
Fridge Repair | Home Alliance

Fridge Repair

Our highly trained and licensed service technicians are readily available to help you repair any fault with your fridge. We work with top brands and our technicians have rich experience in fridge repair services.
Heater Repair | Home Alliance

Heater Repair

Your heating system keeps your home warm and comfortable all year round; thus, it requires proper attention. If you notice any problem or fault that prevents your heater from working smoothly, contact us immediately!
Ice Maker Repair | Home Alliance

Ice Maker Repair

Our technicians, having worked on various kinds of brands of ice makers and myriads of issues affecting these systems, have just the expertise and experience to help you with fixing any issues disrupting smooth operation.
Oven Repair | Home Alliance

Oven Repair

Have you noticed any unusual sign in the working of your oven or the appliance has broken down completely? Contact our certified technicians immediately to help with oven repair services that are reliable, and professional.
Range Repair | Home Alliance

Range Repair

Call us today to repair your ranger that is malfunctioning or stopped working completely! Our ranger repair service is quite effective, reliable and cost-effective; we work with various brands of rangers and are available 24/7.
Refrigerator Repair | Home Alliance

Refrigerator Repair

You need our refrigerator repair service when its unit interior frosts up, you are forced to keep removing puddles of water accumulating beneath your refrigerator, or the appliance shows signs of wear and tear.
Stove Repair | Home Alliance

Stove Repair

Generally, it is not difficult to have a stove working properly regularly; however, if you’ve been using the appliance for a long period, one or two problems could crop up. Our professional technicians are here to help!
Washing Machine Repair | Home Alliance

Washing Machine Repair

Your washing machine can develop one fault or the other unexpectedly; at such times, your most reliable option is calling our experts. We are your, most trusted choice for washing machine repair and maintenance service provider.
Wine Cooler Repair | Home Alliance

Wine Cooler Repair

We are readily available to fix your wine cooler issues including a malfunction of control panel, condensation build-up, accumulation of frost and loud noise. Our certified technicians are available to help you!